About - J B

Hello My name is June, and my friends call me JB.

I am a photographer with Caribean roots, currently living in the UK. I am a creative that provides photography and content for individuals and companies on a freelance basis. Born and bread in the UK, Taught photography at age 16, including dark room developing. Been taking phots ever since.

At age 20 I travelled to the Caribbean and lived there for ten years. I also traveled through the Caribbean extensively visiting Barbados, Guyana, St Lucia, Trinidad, Tobago, Granada to name a few. I came back to the UK and travelled around Europe, including Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Latvia and Netherlands. I have also visited some of America, Florida, Puerto Rico, Tunisia and had an amazing trip to Thailand.

I have a connection that feels so right when I’m creating, who knows what amazing things might happen when we get like minds together.

Im excited about what life has to offer and Im ready to push my creativity to the max.

I come with a wealth of experience, creating photographs and content for travel destinations, and for individuals on a freelance basis. I can go with any couple or individual on holiday and trips to give you that real behind the scenes photography experience that would be second to none and give you a memory to last a lifetime. I can review and create some amazing content on what’s going on in any beautiful country including accommodation, hotels, eating establishments, and experiences that you could recommend to your clients around the globe. A passionate soul that loves to laugh and have fun. Laughter is the best medicine. I’m big on new experiences and love to do unusual things. There is so much more to do in this big amazing world, and I’m ready to embrace change, new dreams and personal growth. There is so much more I could say, but why would I spoil it for you, reach out and let me tell you more in person. Lets talk soon. 


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